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Check out my blog to discover the writing and style connected to my services. Here you'll get a glimpse of my thinking, processing, and expression related to my work in leadership, team building, and culture. 

Vision and Values

Vision and value statements display 

 critical beliefs held - all imperative to creating a positive work environment and developing highly effective teams. Values are often the invisible, intangible characteristics that make up the culture of a team or workplace. 

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Meet Matt

Matt Beres has been a student of leadership, personal growth, and creating culture throughout his entire career. With a background in both non-profit and educational settings, Matt has had a variety of experiences that have shaped his unique perspective. The education field has given an expansive experience in the classroom, partnering with local community agencies, building social-emotional programming, coordinating mental health supports, and a developing administrative perspective. Additionally, Matt is a certified life coach and educational behavioral coach and is pursuing certification in leveraging The Enneagram and DISC personality profile in team building initiatives.

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