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Check out my blog to discover the writing and style connected to my services. Here you'll get a glimpse of my thinking, processing, and expression related to my work in leadership, team building, and culture. 


I would love to come and spend time with you and your group talking about the big ideas that shape us. Personal growth is my thing, so let's collaborate to see how I can be a part of strengthening your team.


Check out the podcast I cohost with Lee Ann Miller, These Are Good Days! Here you can get a sense of my speaking style, a sense of my heart, and hear stories that may connect to you.

Meet Matt

Matt Beres has been a student of leadership, personal growth, and creating culture throughout his entire career. With a background in both non-profit and educational settings, Matt has had a variety of experiences that have shaped his unique perspective. The education field has given an expansive experience in the classroom, partnering with local community agencies, building social-emotional programming, coordinating mental health supports, and a developing administrative perspective. Additionally, Matt is a certified life coach and educational behavioral coach and is pursuing certification in leveraging The Enneagram and DISC personality profile in team building initiatives.

Instagram Feed

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Check out my Instagram feed - @heymattberes

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