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A resume outlines work experience that have helped to shape perspective and philosophies. Details listed in this section highlight the continuous leadership roles and responsibilities that have contributed to continued growth.

Vision and Values

Vision and value statements display 

 critical beliefs held - all imperative to creating a positive work environment and developing highly effective teams. Values are often the invisible, intangible characteristics that make up the culture of a team or workplace. 

Job Description and Future Plans

Job descriptions provide framework of responsibilities and measurable outcomes for a given role. High performing team members continuously pursue opportunities to grow the organization while creating future expansive plans.

Letters of Reference

Letters from highly respected colleagues act as endorsements. These reflections give context and personal testimony to collaboration with individuals across various domains. These letters show the character and competencies of an individual.

Meet Matt Beres

Matt Beres has been a student of leadership, personal growth, and creating culture throughout his entire career. With a background in both non-profit and educational settings, Matt has had a variety of experiences that have shaped his unique perspective. The education field has given an expansive experience in the classroom, partnering with local community agencies, building social-emotional programming, coordinating mental health supports, and a developing administrative perspective. Additionally, Matt is a certified educational behavioral coach and consultant through The Center for Teacher Effectiveness and is pursuing certification in leveraging The Enneagram and DISC personality profile.


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